Heat Facilities Manufacturing

New Era manufactures and installs modular heat facilities of different capacities. The Group is engaged in manufacturing heat facilities within the 200 kW - 10 MW range.

Modular heat facilities are the most reliable and affordable source of heat. Modular heat facility can be used to supply heat, ventilation, hot water and steam for the industrial and residential premises.

Modular heat facilities have full operational readiness, are made on an individual project for each individual client. They are designed to effectively provide heat of different types for various needs.

Modular heat facility is a product of full operational readiness. It can be transported by any means of transport - rail, road. The installation of modular heat facility is quite simple - you need to prepare a good solid foundation and then connect the unit to the heat network.

Modular boiler can be equipped with any equipment known, both domestic and foreign manufacturers, depending on the customer's needs.

New Era specializes in solid-fuel heat facilities.