Our Clients

Department of Education Vasilkovsky Region of Kyiv State Administration

Vasilkovsky Regional Health Care Center

Glybotskiy Professional School

Kel'mentsi professional lyceum

Kel'mentsi hospital

Educational Scientific Center of Professional Education of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences

Kyiv High Professional School of of Construction and Architecture

High Professional School #33

Novoselytsya Regional Center of Social Services for Families and Children

Pharmacy #26, Novoselytsa

Archive Department of Novoselytsya Regional Administration

State Department of Civil Registration Service, Novoselytsa

Department of Stategeokadastr in Novoselytsya

Department of Justice in Chernivtsi region

Chernivtsi Regional Phytosanitary Laboratory

Novoselytsya Regional Culture House

Novoselytsa hospital