Corporate Responsibility

Labour Safety


New Era’s labour safety management system ensures a high level of production efficiency and safety.

Our heat facilities undergo periodic safety audits to confirm their compliance with the State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine’s labour safety requirements.

Throughout our heat facilities, subsequent training of onsite personnel is conducted in accordance with the Group’s labour safety management system.


Environmental Protection


One of New Era's strategic goals is to realize safe and environmentally friendly projects that have positive environmental effects. CO₂ emissions from The Group’s heat facilities during fuel combustion do not exceed the level of emissions otherwise occurring during wood’s natural decomposition.

The long-term environmental objectives of New Era:

  • Provide positive environmental effects
  • Ensure the compliance of the Group’s equipment and operational processes with the relevant environmental legislation and best practices
  • Develop emissions trading projects under the Kyoto protocol or other trading frameworks


Employee Welfare


At New Era, we continuously work to increase our employees’ professional skills, motivation, health and safety issues

The Group’s main priorities in this respect are as follows:

  • Employ, motivate and retain talented and proactive employees
  • Create good working conditions and protect the health and safety of all workers
  • Invest in education, development and training of employees
  • Provide competitive salaries for employees based on their level of skill and responsibility
  • Provide social support for employees